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National free WI-FI for the US

The FCC Chairman has suggested a national free WI-FI system that would be very powerful and available to all Americans.

The 198 Billion dollar cell phone, internet, etc .. industry is actively against this.

This could spur more innovation and WI-FI products.

What is the price tag for anything free from the government. Under Obamacare the government will have access to your bankaccount and this is a means of ensuring that .... and what else.

Just like Obamacare the question is would the federal government be joining a competative market for services. No doubt that we are being gouged, but it is a commercial competative private for profit industry.

Is this a good thing or another step to 1984 and Big Brother?


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    Feb 7 2013: In UK already have this issue about the 'cross-over' of remits regarding information on the internet. Essentially I think the majority of the public are rather naive in that they input all sorts of data on the internet without safeguards. Free wi-fi for all sounds really good at first reading but it doesn't work like that. Whilst computers supposedly are error free, it is in the way data is compiled and monitored that difficulties can arise. The cost of technology means whole sectors of the population cannot participate in decisions that impact on them. Other sectors of the population i.e the children, the elderly, the mobility impaired etc, etc - also don't necessarily know or get a say in what information is put on computerised records about them and so cannot correct any errors. Free wi-fi still needs a physical infrastructure and power supply - you might like to see what the scientific community are saying about the activitiy of the sun, CME events and 'the Carrington effect' - the potential effects on technology for all of us. Sometimes these policies need a bit of further investigation before implementation because as the saying goes 'there is no such thing as a free lunch'.

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