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Certain actions of certain scientists has for some undermined the arguments of global warming. Does it really matter?

Some people have used the actions of a few well meaning but misguided individuals to dismiss the entire notion of global warming. Given the multitude of benefits that come with a move toward renewable energy systems I am forced to wonder if it even matters. Even if motivated solely by greed, I would hope for better, the bottom line is that green initiatives are frequently beneficial. I'm not aware of a discussion that focuses on this so directly.

I wonder what the crowd would say about how actions motivated by fear of global warming has affected their lives. Good or bad, I want to know. On an individual level it might not seem so obvious but in the greater sum we might find that global warming was just one of many things we could positively affect with these strategies.

Financial Security, Political Security, Health Security, Food Security, Water Security....I invite the crowd to add to this list and explain it in their own way.


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    Feb 7 2013: It's all a good example of what happens when a scientific debate is highjacked by the media and famous people. Contrast this with what happened when the thinning of the o-zone was discovered and scientifically attributed to the use of CFCs. Within 20 years CFCs were banned and the o-zone had started to recover.

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