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Dreams and Reality are merging. What differentiates this reality from that of a dream? And when will the two become indistinguishable?

The quote "reality is not only stranger than you think, it's stranger than you can think." comes to mind when I ponder dreams & reality.

For the aware out there I'm sure they've noticed 'glitches' in reality or situations taking place that only happen in dreams. But are these events becoming more and more popular? Or are there simply more people identifying them?

Have you ever really wondered why you don't realize you're in a dream(most) regardless of how nonsensical it is?

I dream long and vivid dreams... and something tells me I've been there longer than one nights sleep ;)


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    Feb 8 2013: dreams and reality have had their way with me ,a few times. When the two occur in the same space/time it is a bizarre world,and very strange. My reaction was to simply observe and collect as much data as possible for reflection at a later date,as well as check all possible references to any of it being valid in science,literature,myth The whole body of experience sits quietly waiting to be validated,or eliminated as haulicinations...Methodically,without any bias I allow facts and substantiated proof to accumulate..It would be interesting to have it be my personal truth...but now what? If it isnt truth..it makes a great fictional narrative.My answer to your question is the difference in the worlds is dependent on energy of the veiwer,awake,or asleep isnt the line between,but a level of energy..People see visions after exhaustion,starvation,drugs,tralma..It permits the viewer a tear in the smooth fabric and traditional patternig...and voila..in sweeps the "otherness"Like bungee jumping..this is not meant for everyone

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