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Do you believe John Wilkes Booth died at Garret's Barn?

John Wilkes Booth is known to most people through history as a treacherous man who murdered Abraham Lincoln and died after being captured at Garrett’s Farm. But what if history got it all wrong? What if John Wilkes Booth had evaded capture and lived to a ripe old age? These are the questions that have plagued the mind of historian Nate Orlowek and his associates. After years of research Nate Orlowek had concluded, “There is tremendous physical evidence that proved beyond a doubt that John Wilkes Booth, in reality, was not killed by the Federal Government Officers as they claimed. In fact, he lived until January 13th, 1903, when he died in Enid, Oklahoma territory.” But how can this be? Why would our government claim they had killed John Wilkes Booth only over a hundred years later we learn that this wasn’t the case?
I had first learned of historian Nate Orlowek and his research in 1992 while watching Unsolved Mysteries. A few days later, our English professor assigned us to write a research paper on an American president. I decided I wanted to write about the death of John Wilkes Booth. I immediately contacted the show. They put me in contact with Mr. Orlowek. The historian and I talked for hours and he sent me copies of his research. I wrote my research paper based on his evidence and concluded that John Wilkes Booth did not die at Garrett Farm but lived to old age in Enid, Oklahoma Territory under the alias of David E. George.

Three eyewitness claim that body they saw at Garrett's Barn looked nothing like John Wilkes Booth. Have you heard about Nate Orlowek's investigation? What do you think about his claims?

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    Feb 5 2013: Curious, confusing things happen when a POTUS is assassinated. I do not believe Mr. Booth died in Garret's barn, nor do I believe he died in Enid, OK. If asked where he died my answer is, "I don't know."