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Is religion still relevant?

Since many scientists opposed the church by teaching views which contradicts the former and supported theories of the church, is religion still relevant in the aspects of morality, science, and all other fields of life?


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    Feb 9 2013: Hello Aries,
    Religion is relevant to those who believe it is relevant. Some people use religion as a valuable life guide, while some use it to manipulate and control. It is relevant to all of these people, who use it in one way or another.

    I believe most religions began with a valuable idea....the golden rule....do unto others.....love your neighbor....etc.
    However, extremists, religious enthusiasts, and fundamentalists seem to have forgotten the very basic foundation of their own religions.

    If we are going to try to bring peace to our global community, people need to stop threatening, abusing, and violating the rights of others under the guise of religion. With the idea of creating peace in our world, religion, as it has evolved for some leaders AND followers, is not of value.

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