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Is religion still relevant?

Since many scientists opposed the church by teaching views which contradicts the former and supported theories of the church, is religion still relevant in the aspects of morality, science, and all other fields of life?

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    Feb 6 2013: Religion is totally irrelevant if continues to wreak havoc in the world by impersonating political manifestos and economic ideals, which as we are slowly coming to realise, are devoid of any sense of morality.

    If religion's connection with the earth and all life is at a genuinely spiritual level, yet still has the capacity to embrace scientific advances - then yes, it would be extremely relevant because the capacity for both matches the morphology of a balanced human mind. Such balance should be the start point of any sense of morality.
  • Feb 5 2013: Let's just put aside some personal belief on one's own religion.
    'Cause at least for this kind of conversation, it just makes things meaninglessly controversial anyway.

    Whether we're religious or not, religion is still relevant.
    Not that we all have faith in it, but religion has played a great role in our history, culture, morality and ultimately our society.
    eg --> Explaining something--such as philosophical theories--without mentioning religion is almost impossible, if you ask me. Even if it’s possible, it would still be “deficient”.
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    Feb 5 2013: What do you mean by the word "religion"?
    By the word "still" I suspect you are assuming that religion was once relevant but may have become irrelevant?
  • Feb 10 2013: Religion is relevant to those who have belief in their faith. I honestly believe religion is a case by case basis. Everyone expresses their spiritual belief differently. When you ask if religion is relevant, it is a question you must ask everyone individually. And quite honestly I belive that we can't have a world without religion. "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind" - Albert Einstein
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    Feb 5 2013: I need clarification of your question as well. How can the beliefs of vast numbers of people the world over not be relevant?
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    Feb 10 2013: Yes but its realizing that all religion is true and false. Just like science
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    Feb 9 2013: Hello Aries,
    Religion is relevant to those who believe it is relevant. Some people use religion as a valuable life guide, while some use it to manipulate and control. It is relevant to all of these people, who use it in one way or another.

    I believe most religions began with a valuable idea....the golden unto your neighbor....etc.
    However, extremists, religious enthusiasts, and fundamentalists seem to have forgotten the very basic foundation of their own religions.

    If we are going to try to bring peace to our global community, people need to stop threatening, abusing, and violating the rights of others under the guise of religion. With the idea of creating peace in our world, religion, as it has evolved for some leaders AND followers, is not of value.
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    Feb 9 2013: For me, no.
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    Gail .

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    Feb 6 2013: Your question doesn't make any sense as written, but I will guess at what you mean and offer a response that may not be the one you were looking for.

    If religion is relevant for you, then it's relevant for you. I also don't think that religion will be around much longer unless it adapts to what we are learning in science, and redefines the god-concept and your relationship to it.
  • Feb 6 2013: Honestly, I'm a little skeptical that this is a sincere question. Is this a real question or just flame-bait?
    If it is a sincere question, could you please elaborate?
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    Feb 6 2013: It really depends who you're asking. Secularists, liberals, atheists, agnostics just to name a few would say no. There are 2 talks that address your conversation perfectly, maybe you've already seen them.

    Sam Harris


    Alain de Botton
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    Feb 5 2013: Using Alain's talk as reference, tens of thousands of years of honing a skill set that uses our emotional responses as a way to influence our behavior makes religion, at least as historical reference, relevant.
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    Feb 5 2013: There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. That applies to all things not just religion. Your truth may not be my truth.

    I left a very broad and general statement because I am unsure of your question on several levels.

    Could you explain what you are seeking? Thanks.
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    Feb 5 2013: I am confused when church /mosque /temple / pagoda ..... gave any THEORY