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The Science Reporter: Who is ultimately responsible for reporting significant findings to the public?

Are science reporters like other reporters? Reporters are suppose to be objective and independently investigate stories that are of public interest. They are generally proactive and go after the story rather than having the story come to them. They are also knowledgable enough to present the dynamics and content of a story to the public. Who is ultimately responsible for reporting significant scientific findings to the public when science reporters are unable to act as other reporters?


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  • Feb 12 2013: Comedy Interview:

    Science Reporter (SR) and Stephen Hawking (SH)

    SR: It’s my pleasure to introduce the most well known scientist on the planet. Stephen Hawking. Who is considered by many to be the next Einstein. I really don’t know what he did to be considered that, so lets get to the point. You’re here to sell a book, “The Grand Design”.

    SH: Yes.

    SR: I don’t wanna go down the religious road. I wanna take a slight detour. Was this part of, “The Grand Design”?


    Is this why String Theory is the final theory? Or maybe it’s the money?

    SH: Confused - No response


    You’re gonna be working in a nest fulla String Theorist. Can we put a number on lucrative? No no that’s too personal, sorry. So you sold out and cashed in. Politics, politics, politics….the interview’s over Einstein.

    Chief Editor to Science Reporter.

    SR: He should have defended himself.

    CE: What the &*^%? You don’t wing it with this guy. He needs time to prepare his response. You idiot, you’re fired.

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