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How do we make a societal change to provide healthy body image and self-esteem in a culture that pushes unrealistic beauty norms on youth?

I've been researching positive body image and self-esteem works and wonder if as a culture we are able to provide a realistic portrayal of what beauty is in our youth and young women? Or are we setting them up with unrealistic expectations and failure? Are we rejecting those who do not fit in those cultural beauty standards? What are your thoughts? How can we make a difference?


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  • Feb 5 2013: I doubt it Each person chooses what to believe.
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      Feb 5 2013: Belief is accepting what elders say when one is adolescent, what ideologues say when one is young and what wise say when one is old. True knowledge does not seek endorsement of belief - it stands face to face to the challenge of falsification and ready to be amended.
      I am very unsure if we really choose to believe anything - behind each person's belief there lie information, peer pressure, social memes and desire to conform.

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