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How do we make peace between Israel and Palestine?

Lets take it for granted that both sides are to blame in this conflict, and neither is going to disappear off the face of the earth any time soon.
Answers like "make love not war" would without a doubt work, but I am hoping for a little more substance.
If, like me, you think peace is only achievable in a distant future, but we have to begin working on it now, that is something I would like to hear, especially what we should be doing now.
If you know of a faster track to peace, all the better.


Closing Statement from Uri Katz

I would like to personally thank all the participants in this conversation.
I think we all recognized the immense difficulty this problem poses. At the same time, most people acknowledged that there is plenty that can be done, not all hope is lost.
Here are a few answers I collected. This is not a summary, only a list of the suggestions I think have the greatest potential to lead to peace. Each stands on it own, but together they have the most power. If we start implementing these ideas, sooner or later the reality in the region will change and a more direct path to peace will become apparent:

1. Instead of broadcasting yet another suicide bomber, give peace a chance by trumpeting every peaceful attempt by both sides.

2. Deflate the issue so that people see it not as cultural & religious issue, but as a localized dispute over resources and land. Then we can ask what a just division of these would be.

3. Recruit moderate religious leader.

4. Understand the other side as best as possible. How are they different? How we are they similar? Make sure your education is fact based and not propaganda.

5. Teach and practice forgiveness, which is key to all true conflict resolution
Also practice: Tolerance, Compassion, Acceptance, Appreciation

6. Remove all hate, and all us-them mentality, from school syllabuses.

7. Both side need to stop looking at themselves as victims. They are not victims of each other or of the larger world. They should take responsibility for their lives and actions.

8. The blame game does not help.

9. Historical arguments are usually used to advance one sided justification for violence and war, as such they are ineffective in the struggle toward peace.

10. Create joint projects such as competitive sporting events.

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    Feb 5 2013: Thirty or forty years from now when the US is only the third or fourth biggest economy in the world, Israel may be forced to make peace. Without US support in the UN the balance in the middle east will be entirely different. Hopefully Israel and Palastine will start the process bfore it becomes critical as I think the very existance of Israel will in future rely on their ability to negotiate with other middle eastern states without US help.
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      Feb 7 2013: RE: "Conquer by passive occupation. . . "
      So Israel did not not add real estate by deafeating an enemy in battle and claiming the spoils of war? I do not know the history of this very well. Again I favor the rule of law. If Israel did not take the disputed land by force why didn't the owners protest? It just seems that the land in question was won in war. No?
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        Feb 8 2013: At the end of the conflict there was a clear line seperating Israel from the West Bank. Since then Israel have occupied areas within the west bank and built houses on them for Israeli settlers. If some one knocked your back fence down and started bulding a house on your land I expect you would take action as well. Now that the UN recognises Palistine there is a forum in which to have the case heard. That is why Israel were so against recognising palistine.
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          Feb 8 2013: Thank you Mr. Lindsay. So the UN is hearing Palestine's complaint and a ruling is forthcoming? Does that not answer the OP? (I still say there is an elephant in the room, namely Arabs want to rid the middle -East, if not the planet, of Jews. I am really trying to be impartial, but it seems to me that Israel would like to live in peace in their ancient homeland, but is not able to because of perpetual hostility from her neighbors. If true, what is the source of the malice?).
      • Feb 11 2013: Edward: When has there been a day in the last 50 years when the former owners did not "protest"?! What are all these stone throwing teenagers, suicide bombers , rocket shooters, etc . doing if not "protesting.?! The source of the malice, if you want to know, is British Imperialism, which had the constant principle of "Divide and Conguer". They set up these phony Arab "States" (Puppet States)staffed with medieval fanatics , at the end of WW1. They merely failed to notice that their own Empire was collapsing. Leaving the whole world with this problem.
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          Feb 11 2013: I yield on the historical side of this. I know a bit about where we are, but little about how we got here. When I speak of protesting I certainly do not mean rock throwing or spurious acts of cowardly terrorism. I mean following the rule of law. If, and when, the U.N. rules on Palestine's complaint the matter will be concluded. Until then Palestine needs to wait, or she needs to take her chances on engaging Israel in a war. One is wisdom, the other folly. But we are ignoring the elephant in the room again... Islam stands bitterly and militantly against Judaism. The fuel in this issue is deep-seated hatred.
      • Feb 11 2013: Edward : good point about the "Spoils of War", but remember that WW2 was barely over when Israel was formed, and the whole point of the war, supposedly, was that the Germans were incredibly evil for believing that winning territory in war was OK, so it would be terribly embarrassing for Zionists to claim the territory by conquest. That was the real reason for the UN charade. It could not be said that "The World" give that land to Israel. There was not then, or now, any World Government authorized to confiscate land. The victors of WW2 did so, and everyone who counted was overcome with emotional feelings, Arabs were not considered people, so they were ignored.
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          Feb 11 2013: No, actually winning real estate by war is as old as human history To the victor go the spoils. If Hitler had been able to hold his conquests we would all be speaking German today. Or if Khruschev had been able to make JFK back down we would be speaking Russian. Conquest was not what made Hitler evil. History often records conquerors as brave heroes and virtuous leaders. I think all the sons of Ishmael have always been considered people, are you sure about that?

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