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Leap Motion hand tracking controller & Oculus Rift to provide those with phantom limb a way to view virtual hands for relief

I started working with Unity 3D game engine, my developer Leap Motion unit and am waiting for me Oculus Rift 3D. I did a quick search to see if anybody was talking about creating something to allow people to view virtual hands in a virtual reality system to provide the ability to view missing fingers or limbs for potential relief of phantom limb or perhaps even just some mental relief. Fingers not showing by the Leap motion could be approximated in 3D space and hands not shown could be mirrored. Also, in game you could look down and show virtual legs which also may help. Does anybody have interest in this?

  • Feb 5 2013: By the way, I want to take this chance to coin the phrase for the systems working together.
    Oh Internet record my words in your infinite archives!

    The Leap Rift....
    the Oculus Leap!
    The Oculus Motion... no no.... (although the acronym would be fun. Oculus Motion Game.. OMG)
    okay okay, last try... Rift Motion......

    Oculus Leap ,... ya thats it.

    I Eli Rose hereby coin the name Oculus Leap.

    (and all the others too just to be on the safe side)
  • Feb 5 2013: Brilliant Idea Harley,
    I have been truly excited about the Rift and Motion in unison, and have been talking ears off of anyone who will listen. Much like the Iphone did for handheld computing, (only changed the world as we know it) the Rift and Motion will spawn an entire new industry, or many industries. Imagine an architect doing a walkthrough of a building with virtual traffic/lighting/sound.. designers being able to go in and minority report the walls until they get something that really works. Google Earth lets you see all over the globe, but imagine actually walking down the streets of Paris, or into the Louvre itself. This is a game changer, (pun intended). I look forward to reading about your progress Harley, I have Google Alerts to let me know anytime Leap or Rift is mentioned. May I see you in the funny papers and good luck!