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Today a 12 years old has asked me: "A lot of people seem to be very angry. Is anger useful?" This made me think: can anger be positive?

There are some linguistic terms that are born negative but maybe have a tiny streak of positiveness in them. My young friend's question made me wonder...


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    Feb 4 2013: Yes .....when one protests against something unjust , that drive may come from anger...what do you think about that?
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      Feb 4 2013: No, all my protests (if any) come from love: I love something therefore I protest against it's opposite. Anger, like fear, makes me feel alive and that yes, is a positive feeling.
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        Feb 5 2013: Great....you have that control on your emotions to avoid the anger factor and chaannel it as LOVE. Appreciate.

        Referring to the situation mentioned above, people like me who get angry are also not devoid of love factor. They love the victim of the situation , so get angry against the person / organization that is doing the unjust.....
        What about mass public disobedience against tyrrany ?
        What do you think about that ?
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          Feb 5 2013: Well. it really troubles me to feel 'black emotions' so with time I have learned to bring back everything to love which I believe is the most powerful weapon ever.
          AMOR OMNIA VINCIT....

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