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This TED talk had a lasting impact on me - an example of success and the impact your actions can have on others - and now I can't find it!

My first encounter with TED was years ago, when I was a university student. The first talk I saw has left a lasting impression. I have wanted to share it with others, but cannot find it again.
So let me describe it.
It was a panel of 5 or so established and very successful professionals giving a talk to university students in the US. One man in particular (who's affiliation was with ?GM) told his story about his experience as a university student. He was very quiet in class as he was accepted to Harvard Business School and was somewhat overwhelmed by the talent surrounding him. In the early days of a particular subject, his teacher gave him a post-it note to him in class saying something to the effect of 'I believe you have something to contribute'. The effect this had on this man was astounding and was a integral point in his professional life. It showed the impact that a simple gesture can have. I loved it's message, and would love to share it with others.
I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me out here.


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    Feb 4 2013: I don't know that talk, but you might also really enjoy the Drew Dudley on Everyday Leadership.
    • Feb 4 2013: Thanks Fritzie, I found it on another TV channel. But I look forward to checking out Drew Dudley's talk!

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