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Should education systems begin providing LGBT education for their students?

Teen LGBT role model Jacob Rudolph came out at an acting awards ceremony on January 23, 2013. On his CNN interview with Don Lemon, Rudolph says he's thinking about proposing a new bill for LGBT education in the education system in Texas. What do you think about this bill?


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    Feb 5 2013: This can have an opposite effect. I have a Russian accent. Many people tell me: "Your English is very good!" thinking that they are making a compliment. I say "Thanks" and I think to myself: "If it were truly good, you would not say this. It wouldn't even cross your mind that I'm not a native English speaker".

    It should be addressed in schools, but not as a separate subject - in a more subtle way. This is a lot more delicate than addressing other diversity issues. But I don't see harm in having a topic about homosexuality in a larger context of sexual education. A special bill for that may cause unnecessary political tensions, in my opinion. There is enough needless worry and undue anxiety around this issue.

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