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Should education systems begin providing LGBT education for their students?

Teen LGBT role model Jacob Rudolph came out at an acting awards ceremony on January 23, 2013. On his CNN interview with Don Lemon, Rudolph says he's thinking about proposing a new bill for LGBT education in the education system in Texas. What do you think about this bill?


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  • Feb 4 2013: Honestly no. I would like to see our schools focus less attention on how we are different, and more attention on how we are all alike as human beings, citizens of the United States and the world. I honestly don't care if you are black, white, red or green, male or female, catholic or atheist, asexual, multisexual or whatever. I don't think any class or agenda should get special attention or focus. I do think during all our studies there should be a concerted effort to point out what each and every one of us has in common, and the importance of remembering that when conflicts arise.

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