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Should education systems begin providing LGBT education for their students?

Teen LGBT role model Jacob Rudolph came out at an acting awards ceremony on January 23, 2013. On his CNN interview with Don Lemon, Rudolph says he's thinking about proposing a new bill for LGBT education in the education system in Texas. What do you think about this bill?


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    Feb 4 2013: When I looked up Jacob Rudolph I found he was a high school student who came out his senior year at his New Jersey schools award ceremonies shocking students and teachers. His connection with Texas confuses me. Has he traveled there for the purpose of promoting the LGBT agenda? Why is he a role model. Thousands have came out .. he is not nationally known for anything or holds a position, etc ... Other than coming out in a New Jersey high school what reason is he a role model.

    I lived in Texas for many years as a engineer and think that this would further entrench and divide students into very distinct camps. Currently they are divided into "ropers", "dopers", "jocks", and "nurds". LGBT legislation would simply provide for another division which in my opinion would not be good and could possibly cause more harm. I have not viewed any statistics that show any major gains from this focus in schools. Should equal time be given to ropers, dopers, jocks, or nurds or any other "group" that is emerging or requests it. Who do we deny and who do we approve. Is this really education of is it acceptance training? Is it the "job" of the public education system as defined in its mission statement?

    And last .... schools agandas are being swamped with the state and federal mandates. We have seen significant drops in our testing results in world head to head competition. As more focus is being put on core subjects and fisical resources are declining causing a system of pritorizing and elimination of courses being offered ... what would you suggest dropping to finance this addition to the curriculum.

    You may think that I am anti LGBT ... but I am pro school ... I think that this is a very bad time to push agendas that would cause more division and expense to schools.

    This would be better accepted in Dallas where the East ends .. than in Ft Worth where the West begins. Good luck.

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