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What do you want to understand?

This universe is filled to the brim with mysteries, and to understand it seems to be one of our goals in life. We do what we do to gain some level of understanding and I believe that this is one of the essential things to gaining happiness, a utopia. Tell me, what do you want to know?


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    Feb 5 2013: Since three years, I'm questioning myself about God and the essence of life. As I advance in my learning, I discover that it's not a very easy task to understand all that. There's too much diversity and at this point it's nearly impossible to make a synthesis.
    These days, what is challenging me is to understand Buddhism. What does it teach about life, the human mind, our emotions, our way towards happiness and any other thing. It's a really vast philosophy (if I can say that) and I can't predict all that I'll discover as I learn it.

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