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What do you want to understand?

This universe is filled to the brim with mysteries, and to understand it seems to be one of our goals in life. We do what we do to gain some level of understanding and I believe that this is one of the essential things to gaining happiness, a utopia. Tell me, what do you want to know?


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    Feb 4 2013: Sara, What a large and open ended topic. Mysteries could be unsolved problems of a theoretical nature, counterintuitive known facts such as unintended consequences, physical paradoxes, misconceptions, or where the heck did I put my keys.

    I think that at some point we must accept that being the "jack of all trades .. and master of none" is problematic. I can fix a leaky pipe (sometimes) but am not a plumber, I can fix a flat tire but am hardly a mechanic, cook but am no chef. I am sure you get the point.

    Perhaps the best short answer is to "know who I am, what my limitations are, and accept all the above".

    Having said that ... I still have a thurst for knowledge. I have learned much from TED. Talks and conversations have led to me doing more research ... I learned a lot from Pat Gilbert as an example. His subject on economics provided me with the challenge of digging deeper into the subject ... I have a better understanding but am certainly not an expert. His subject on Lincoln made me do a lot of reading. In order to do this I had to "open my mind". Some of what I read was extremely counter to the Lincoln image. Many just responded from their preset concept unwilling to "see" any other point of view. I see these people who refuse to grow as begining to die.

    You stated "..one of our goals in life". Goals are end points. Education / knowledge are adventures .. not goals. So join me on the greatest andventure of all .. the willingness to grow in mind, body, and spirit.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Feb 4 2013: Thank you Robert, I thoroughly enjoyed your response. I agree with everything you've said and your words have given me inspiration. Towards what, I do not know. Yet, I believe in the future I will look back upon your lesson and it will help me somehow. I am still struggling to accept myself as are many others, and have this insatiable craving for understanding. I hope to satisfy it one day, but as you've pointed out in your second last paragraph, there is no end. I suppose though, that it makes it all the more exciting!
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        Feb 4 2013: Sara, Thank you. One last thing I wish for you ... do not let the quest for understanding stand in the way of present day happiness.

        Remember that your friends in the TED community are here for you if you ever wish to contact us.

        If it is of any help to you I sought many years to accept who I am and what my limitation are. I am a retired military and law enforcement person and have faced many unpleasant, dangerous, and questionable ethical situations which sent my soul into conflict. But, as all of us, you will resolve those issues and demons that you face. It may not seem like it ... but trust me it will come.

        I wish you well. Bob.
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          Feb 4 2013: It seems that you have gone through many painful experiences. Do you miss the innocence you once were, and if so what about it? Do you have regrets, Robert?
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        Feb 5 2013: I had regrets before I learned who I am and what my limitations are and accepted all the above. That which we term as regret is what I now call acceptance.

        I the military we have a job to do ... that job is by order of the commander in chief ... the President .... blaming the individuals below that level is not really fair.

        As a member of law enforcement ... no one wants a situation to esculate to shooting. Also no mother ever wants to admit that their baby was holding hostages, shooting people robbing, selling drugs, etc ... it has to be someone elses fault ... usually the guy in front of them ... your local police. I went from school, to training, to Viet Nam .. not much chance at innocence.

        It is possible to do your job and have empathy with others feelings. ... tough but possible.

        In all experiences it is important that we learn and grow from them.

        There is a sign over our door for all family members to observe ...RETURN WITH HONOR

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