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Traditional Publishing should not be your first choice.

With your forbearance, I would like to take another tilt at the archaic, and often overwhelming terms of Vanity Press, or Vanity Publications.
I am self-published and proud that I took that risk, never listening to those biased individuals, suffering and wallowing in inverted snobbery decrying that route, as a form of self-admiration and nothing else.
One huge advantage that self-publishing gives you is the rights to all your hard work. Currently $30,000,000 is being spent on my novel, THE DESOLATE GARDEN, to be turned into a Film. Had my work been traditional published I would see little, if anything, of that money other than through the increase in book sales. Now I will see considerably more.
I would urge anyone stuck between waiting for the golden clad traditional deal and taking a chance on their own, to wait no longer. If you are confident in your work then smile at vanity and embrace an opportunity. Good luck to you.


Closing Statement from Daniel Kemp

I have attended many conferences on self-publication and spoken at one. It is another approach for aspiring writers, not a panacea, but an opportunity that up to a few years ago was not there or, if engaged; mocked.
I know that I have been fortunate, but that is not to say I am the only one, and it could not happen to you. All chances in life require hard and committed work to achieve the success we crave. However, unless your work is out there it will never be read.
Due diligence is necessary in all things, self-publication is no different in that respect. I thank everyone who took part in this, my first posting to TED, and wish you all well. Thank you.

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