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How do you live each day of your life?

As I am getting older I kind of realize that my days of life are so similar to each other and cannot be distinguished from each other. As student, every day studying, learning, assignments etc. So, it's being boring and I want to change it. Before entering university, I enjoyed learning, but it seems like I lost my curiosity and passion to learn. My question is:
Have you ever faced this kind of situation?
If yes, how did you change it?
Also, do you try new things to make your life more interesting?
If yes, what are they?
All of your advice/suggestions are welcome!
Thank you

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    Feb 3 2013: I still think the solution to this problem is to have the courage to ask an unusual question. Some people are afraid to ask any question. Some people are willing to ask very safe, conventional questions. And then some people are brave enough to ask unusual questions, I am one of them. When an unusual question occurs to you, don't just let it go, explore it, be willing to ask even if you're afraid you will be criticized.
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    Feb 9 2013: I think one would do well to live everyday with curiosity, kindness, patience and impatience, integrity, passion, intensity, a bit of irreverence and always, always with awareness of how all connects and always always making efforts to improve oneself and one's world--near and far.

    I know, I know, some of these are opposites and many a bit grandiose. So, here's another thought:

    Live everyday as if your God and your favorite grandmother were watching. That ought to help you achieve all of the above.

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      Feb 9 2013: Thank you, great idea!!! I will try!!!
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    Feb 3 2013: Forgetting the past, hoping for a better future; and maximizing the moment.
  • Mar 1 2013: As most of us experience that sameness as I look at posts, I personally seem to find space is required to allow inspiration and passion to originate and thrive even in a momentary personal experience let alone a planned pursuit. So for me covering basic living aspects absolutely as in my physical survival in each environment comes first. When this is challenged focus goes to those aspects by default anyway, so confounding attention resulting in inaccuracy. So I cover it fully and then feel truly at ease and capable, this is humbling but real in my experience. Then the key is not being held to cultural confines and being successful with immersion in imagination without damning self critique. A basic spiritual focus fits in nicely at this juncture.
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    W. Ying

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    Feb 18 2013: .
    I do anything that helps my DNA alive.
    It does bring me happiness each day !!
    It includes helping my family, relatives, friends, ... humankind (containing my DNA in decreasing order).


    (For details, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 14, at
  • Feb 4 2013: Honestly, my life is pretty much the same all the time too. I can't hold myself up as an example here. But I have noticed that as you focus on the other people in your life and helping them out and building them up, you'll stop being bored. People are way more interesting than any crazy trip could be. You'll forget about your problems and you'll be happier.
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      Feb 4 2013: Dear Scot,
      I fully agree with you in this case. I only by now realized that how amazing it can be to live/serve others. A week ago, it seemed like I owned all the problems of the world or I am in the worst situation. But, then, my friend asked me to go with her to orphan children's house nearby city. So, we went there and I forgot my "problems" and realized how unsignificant they are compared to other peoples.
      Thank you for cool idea!
  • Feb 4 2013: I try to stay out of routines and notice it's easier to see personable answers to life's questions when I do. I also pay acute attention to my own thoughts compared what takes place around me. Especially when I notice something out of the ordinary.
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    Feb 3 2013: Are you studying some things you love or are you only meeting requirements? Are you taking time for your own projects and passions as well, whatever those may be? When you choose projects and paper themes, do you choose things that are intriguing to you? When you learn things, do you look to connect those things to areas that do interest you?

    Are you someone with broad curiosity and interests or are you deeply interested in just one area?

    Are you physically active? Do you give yourself a chance to explore new places or to try to see things on your regular route you haven't noticed before?
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      Feb 4 2013: great reply !
      we should find what we love doing most and be curious about it , we should visit new places and meet new people !
      thank you , i might try that as well :)
  • Feb 18 2013: Being that you are a student at university: Walk the campus and hallways that you don't normally do. Ask professors if you can just sit in on a class (that you know nothing about) or look over a lab workers shoulder for a bit. Watch clouds in a comfortable position. Just do things that you wouldn't normally do.
    I have been in your shoes before and know that feeling(s). I have even watched ants do their thing just to get a better angle on life.
    By the way: You haven't lost your curiosity or passion to learn- You posted a question on here!
    Now go and enjoy life.
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    Feb 4 2013: The simplest answer I can think of is to be curious and expose yourself to new things. A few easy ideas that don't require a lot of money or investment of time:

    Read books you might not normally choose (this is how I fell in love with non-fiction many years ago).

    Walk, don't drive, and in particular walk in neighborhoods you're not familiar with. Go to local businesses. Where appropriate, try to start conversations with people.

    Take time to do nothing; find a quiet, peaceful place, shut off all electronic devices, close all books, and simply sit still. You'll be amazed where your mind can go. I like to lie on a comfortable lawn and look at the sky.

    Listen. Most of us try to find ways to talk during conversations, but if you ask questions and listen, let people talk, you'll be amazed at what they reveal. You can learn so much by simply listening.

    Take one day a month to do something radically different, out of your routine. Make the whole day a day of new things: new neighborhoods, new foods, new people.

    Finally, I think routine is not a bad thing. It provides comfort and peace in a world that is often chaotic and nerve-wracking. But routine can kill creativity and curiosity, so you should try to balance it out.