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How do you live each day of your life?

As I am getting older I kind of realize that my days of life are so similar to each other and cannot be distinguished from each other. As student, every day studying, learning, assignments etc. So, it's being boring and I want to change it. Before entering university, I enjoyed learning, but it seems like I lost my curiosity and passion to learn. My question is:
Have you ever faced this kind of situation?
If yes, how did you change it?
Also, do you try new things to make your life more interesting?
If yes, what are they?
All of your advice/suggestions are welcome!
Thank you


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  • Feb 4 2013: Honestly, my life is pretty much the same all the time too. I can't hold myself up as an example here. But I have noticed that as you focus on the other people in your life and helping them out and building them up, you'll stop being bored. People are way more interesting than any crazy trip could be. You'll forget about your problems and you'll be happier.
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      Feb 4 2013: Dear Scot,
      I fully agree with you in this case. I only by now realized that how amazing it can be to live/serve others. A week ago, it seemed like I owned all the problems of the world or I am in the worst situation. But, then, my friend asked me to go with her to orphan children's house nearby city. So, we went there and I forgot my "problems" and realized how unsignificant they are compared to other peoples.
      Thank you for cool idea!

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