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How do you live each day of your life?

As I am getting older I kind of realize that my days of life are so similar to each other and cannot be distinguished from each other. As student, every day studying, learning, assignments etc. So, it's being boring and I want to change it. Before entering university, I enjoyed learning, but it seems like I lost my curiosity and passion to learn. My question is:
Have you ever faced this kind of situation?
If yes, how did you change it?
Also, do you try new things to make your life more interesting?
If yes, what are they?
All of your advice/suggestions are welcome!
Thank you


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  • Feb 4 2013: I try to stay out of routines and notice it's easier to see personable answers to life's questions when I do. I also pay acute attention to my own thoughts compared what takes place around me. Especially when I notice something out of the ordinary.

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