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What are the initiatives to be taken to increase the Internet penetration in India ??

In the year 1998, the percentage of Internet users in India was less than 1% - there has been a gradual increase in this count and by the year ending 2012 the percentage was above 5%.
Government is doing a lot many things to make the masses also technology savvy.

What are the initiatives that a common man and Government should take to educate his neighborhood about internet usage??

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      Feb 3 2013: Kate, thanks for comments.

      I agree with you that there are still certain class of people in our economy who have scarcity for food - Government is and has taken many measures to address this issue.

      Having said that, the challenges other side is education and internet penetration - which i believe can make our economy grow faster. Our country is witnessing towns and villages emerging as great contributors to our GDP - hence proper education in these emerging towns is our focus in addition to distribution of food.