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Is Indian democracy failing ?

India is largest democratic nation in the world. In last month indian have celebrated there "Republican Day". But as a Indian i have question and i'm seeking answers.
(we don't want to lose our democracy ,we want to stop the corruption, we want to be developed nation). what can be solutions.


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    Feb 5 2013: In a democracy people get a Government they deserve. If people want a corruption free Government, they should be corruption free. Unfortunately, that is not the attitude of the huge majority, which will bribe its way, for avoiding delays and circumventing the cancerous bureaucracy. Indians do not care much for democracy per se, which had always been the prerogative of the intelligentsia. Mushrooming of dynastic rule among several federal states reflects that attitude. We do not look for goodness, democratic credentials, policies, among politicians and assume that right to rule is genetic. We are comfortable with familiarity. Democracy has not yielded desired results because it has not been sowed in good soil (people). Maybe, in future, when aspirations of people, undergo a radical change, due to education and globalization, democracy will start working, which means using it for achieving a quantum leap in overall growth, cultural, financial, medical etc. For becoming a developed nation, again it lies in the hands of people. Reduction in the levels of population is a must. Believing and depending in the judicial system is absolutely essential. We are losing ground in these areas rather rapidly.

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