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Is Indian democracy failing ?

India is largest democratic nation in the world. In last month indian have celebrated there "Republican Day". But as a Indian i have question and i'm seeking answers.
(we don't want to lose our democracy ,we want to stop the corruption, we want to be developed nation). what can be solutions.


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  • Feb 4 2013: when we look back the history, the people were under the control of religious heads, later it shifted to the hands of kings. many invasions took place, the efforts to ruin the Indian culture and heritage was defeated..as on today the ruling came to political heads, slowly it is transforming to business orientation. all these changes did not bring any change in above said cultural wealth since every every hindu is a seeker and know er. there is no EGO. the surface changes are not the real change. the base is well reinforced for ever. i am poor in articulation and inculcating literal architecture. view it leniently. educate me in this subject.
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      Feb 4 2013: surface changes might not be real. but they can happen nevertheless. poverty, misery or even war are quite possible, even if they are not real, in the sense that these are just parts of samsara. you have to admit that many people want their samsara to be more bearable. an acceptable request, in my opinion.

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