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Is Indian democracy failing ?

India is largest democratic nation in the world. In last month indian have celebrated there "Republican Day". But as a Indian i have question and i'm seeking answers.
(we don't want to lose our democracy ,we want to stop the corruption, we want to be developed nation). what can be solutions.


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  • Feb 4 2013: POLITICAL failure can not damage the image of Indian democracy. the basic component is a collective society irrespective of caste, creed and religion. we are nurtured with strong abiding force called eternal dharma which is known as Hinduism. this is the only incredible nation which treats all religion with same perspective and celebrated all festivals with same amplitude. our culture and heritage stands behind as motive force to remain united. advancement in technology is only on materialistic basis. we must be proud to say that we are able to manage the nation with human mind not with machines. we go on humanitarian parameters not on laboratorian results. corruption will dig its own ditch when the wrath of higher intelligent feels hostility to moral and ethical dimensions. change is not in the hands of human power. the tolerance is at its peak. the curse of victimized nature will come into effect. we have to wait and see.

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