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Is Indian democracy failing ?

India is largest democratic nation in the world. In last month indian have celebrated there "Republican Day". But as a Indian i have question and i'm seeking answers.
(we don't want to lose our democracy ,we want to stop the corruption, we want to be developed nation). what can be solutions.


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    Feb 3 2013: How you define "Indian" democracy ?
    • Feb 3 2013: The answer is "It is one of the biggest democracy in the world." our representatives are directly selected by the people of India (only mature people). But there is something going on at ground level. these political people are buying the votes. And after getting elected they don't pay attention towards the development of nation. this is the current situation. so my question is is there any way that "we youth of India can stop this, without losing our democracy". sry for my grammer
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        Feb 3 2013: I am a little confused. The question in the OP is whether Indian democracy is failing whereas you are asking about runaway politicians, corruption and developmental space. I think democracy and polity are not entirely synonymous and failed politicians do not essentially mean failed democracy. Corruption is related to social values (or lack of it) and in my opinion not entirely a determinant of democratic health of a republic.
        Education or lack of it, however, plays a determining role in democracy. If you look at it, India did not produce well educated statesmen in good measure. Pre-independent India saw professionals, lawyers, civil servants joining Indian polity and policy making. It will be interesting to know, if as an young Indian, you will be interested to sacrifice a world class educational career to know your country and work for your people.
        There is much lacking towards the top because it's only the mediocre that reside there.
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          Feb 3 2013: As usual well said Pabitra....
          I was a bit perplexed as well with the term "Indian" democracy......as if democracy has got different face in India !
          How many US / UK voters take an well informed / well thought decisions while voting ?

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