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Should discussions about transformative liberation experiences be relegated to the realm of personal conceit?

Jill Bolte Taylor's adroit & momentous presentation draws a great deal of criticism and aspersion from those who relegate her retelling as bringing some modicum of rank spiritualism to TED Talks. They couldn't be more wrong, and their reaction typifies the naive materialist eschewal of anything they might construe as religious. JBT's presentation does not belie a spiritual materialism by any measure.

The salient point here is not that an honest recounting of a harrowing experience serves in defense of artifacts of self and ego, but rather it points the way to the liberation from them.

Even Christopher Hitchens, in his most notoriously antitheistic polemics, pointed out that the noumenal realm deserves to be liberated from the superstitious - from the vainglories of vicarious social position, doctrine & dualistic orthodoxy.

The way forward is not in foisting dialectics into the discussion, but to begin a nuanced examination of how neuroscience's incipient forays into the abeyance of ego, of the illusion of self, can work in concert with the emerging non-dual movements in mindfulness therapy & 4th wave cognitive behaviorism.


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