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How do we prove an answer

that it How do we prove an answer

I just want to clarify that I do love science and the understanding of the universe that it has brought us. As well as the tech


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  • Feb 25 2013: The question that you propose is in itself a philisophical question with several different views and answers. In the skeptic's view, you cannot prove any answer and, thus, no answer is correct. No if you look back at this, I stated that no answer can be correct with the thought that that statement is correct, thus, skeptecism does not exist.
    Moving on to a rationalist view, aptly named because these thinkers believe that all things can be proven rationally, or using logic. To think rationally would require you to find a logical answer to every question. That is how you would prove an answer. But then how do we prove less logical questions or phenomena? That is the "job" of the relativist.
    Most relativists believe that we know what we know based on the fact that that is how we learned it. Is a dog really a dog, or is that what we named that creature? If we look at a relativist's point of view, then we must look at all answers that we give in a way that requires us to back up and look at it again.
    All-in-all, how do we prove an answer? That depends on how you look at it. Still a great question to ask and I hope you get more help than I have been able to provide. I do think this is a great question though! :D
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      Feb 28 2013: So the only way I have been able to say "prove" an answers is that it has to be common sense to other. It doesn't matter if their common sense even makes sense it can be backwards from your personal logic or reasoning. But if you can make your "truth" common sense to them then they will know it as truth
      • Feb 28 2013: Then could not everything that you, I, or anyone has ever learned be considered a "truth" that has been taught to us as common sense by another? Be it true or not?

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