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How do we prove an answer

that it How do we prove an answer

I just want to clarify that I do love science and the understanding of the universe that it has brought us. As well as the tech


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  • Feb 18 2013: The best way to prove an answer is proving that it cann't be wrong, what i mean it's that to prove something we can do it in several ways but maybe the faster is prove that we are not wrong, that there are not the chance of being wrong what we are saying, e.g: someone asks if one object is a apple, and we say yes. We can prove our answer showing to her that cann´t be another way because for example (not a very good one) a monkey wouldn't eat it or because a horse would eat it!
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      Feb 18 2013: Ok so what if I can prove I am always right even when I am wrong?
      • Feb 20 2013: If you are wrong, there is at least one time that you are not right because if there wasn't one time that you are wrong, you would be right. So you can't prove that you are always right even when you are wrong. It' s like in maths, you just need one exemple to prove that something is not like the other is saying but you need to be right in all times to prove that you are right...
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          Feb 22 2013: And if I am using your personal math, or thought pattern, or common sense to express my truth. I can always be proven right by you. Even if what I am saying is wrong, because its your self evident proof that will prove me right not myself not my thought pattern it will be mirroring your thought pattern
      • Feb 24 2013: In this case what you will say, will be right for me but not for you, and that can happen, but if it is not right for everybody it is not a universal true just like in math where to be a universal true has to be true for every cases, and was that what i thought you wanted to prove. If it is not a universal true you just need ( one more time, like in math) to show one case where what you want to prove that it is right.
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          Feb 28 2013: Everything has a pattern. Or mathematical laws that govern things.


          I admit before I started this conversation, I had no clue that this is what or how I thought. My father always said that I thought differently then most people. My best friends said that I can always convince them of things to be true even when they fully did not agree. Its because I know people think in circles. Or use circle logic there is an underlining pattern to all peoples thought pattern mostly because people use the same assumptions to come to there conclusion. If I was able to convince you of truth, you would never know that I was lying.

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