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How do we prove an answer

that it How do we prove an answer

I just want to clarify that I do love science and the understanding of the universe that it has brought us. As well as the tech


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  • Feb 5 2013: Hi Casy, back again hey?

    Depends on who's talking and who's listening, or seem to be listening and the rules of engagement.

    My answer is yes and no.

    As individuals we can, to some extent, create our own reality as to what constitutes proof of an answer.

    For example, two fellow Christians talking about the existence of God, will likely conclude the proof of the that answer is everywhere.

    As we introduce discipline to the question such as the concepts of intelligence, objectivity, truth, appreciation of the subject matter, factor of logic and sanity, etc, people begin to develop their own identity.

    Some areas of knowledge are more subject to the answers being interlocking to the question as a reflection of what constitutes proof in a manner that is satisfying to the most demanding of critics. Does that constitute proving an answer? In my book of knowledge and sense of sanity, I'd would tend to concede it does.

    I must admit I have lots of trouble wrapping my brain around these creative entanglements. Thank for taking me out of my comfort zone!
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      Feb 6 2013: So proof is just a matter of agreed upon assumptions and conventions? So we are always testing the reality that is around us, but if something seems off we to our reality we just throw it under the rug and say we'll figure that out later.
      • Feb 7 2013: Years ago communist Russia rejected inherited traits by genetics as opposed to their locally proclaimed science of acquired traits which they pushed because it better fit with their communist form of government. In this case even science was not governed by what had been clearly established by that time, but instead a selective determination of governmental leaders.

        Obviously, the theory of acquired biological inheritance of traits has since been completely rejected as a proven answer to this question, despite the powers that be.

        Politically driven guidance or correctness is not the only example of how the "proof" of answers can be imposed over more objective methods, but it is all around us even in our modern era human societies.

        Don't you agree?
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          Feb 11 2013: absolutely, propaganda is everywhere and everyone. Everyone is trying to push their ideas on to other.... Me on the other hand I just want people to hear what I have to say and if it makes sense to them great if not ..it happens

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