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What is the best way of an at home introduction to robotics?

I'm a young Ted listener and I was very intrigued by the robotics talks on Netflix. Any robotic engineers/hobbyists have any suggestions to getting introduced to this vast and expanding world of technology.

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    Feb 3 2013: Here is a link for the FIRST robotics competition program, if your school happns to be set up for it.
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      Feb 24 2013: Sometimes a team can be formed by several schools joining together as well, which helps to diffuse the costs in time, money, and personnel to run the program.
  • Feb 3 2013: Well I just looked into some easy projects for kids that I can do and take to these hacker spaces so I guess its time to get hands on with some stuff and dive in. I've always been tech savvy so I want to get to the nitty gritty and learn how circuit boards work and understand fully these micro computers like "raspberry pi"
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    Feb 3 2013: I'd check whether you live near a hackerspace (makerspace). They have classes for young people, usually at a reasonable cost, but you can also just work on your own stuff there, and people who are also tech hobbyists help each other learn and troubleshoot.

    Here is a list of hackerspaces worldwide you might look at to see what is near you.

    The best known robotics learning kits for kids are called something like Bobots. They are pricey, which is why I think a hackerspace might be better.
    If your school has a FIRST robotics team, that is supposed to be a great program as well (I have seen a culminating competition), but that again is an extremely expensive way to go if your team cannot get a grant and you have to find a teacher or parent or community member to help out.
  • Feb 3 2013: good job guys
  • Feb 3 2013: Thank you very much for these helpful links and ideas. I will look up any makerspaces by my small town. I don't mind a travel to quench my curiosity.
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      Feb 3 2013: Good for you! My profession for many years was to connect bright, creative, learning loving preteens and teens to the resources that can help them on their adventures. It's easier in cities than in small towns to find the hands-on stuff, but I hope you will find something nearby.