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Should we force kids to learn material they don't show interest in?

As a college graduate I was thinking about how much material I have studied in all of my educational career and then promptly forgotten after the test. Is it a waste of time to try and learn something you are not interested in? To what extent should we allow educational autonomy?

There are a lot of different ways to be intelligent. Memorization and regurgitation are just one small facet.


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  • Feb 9 2013: Dear,
    Greeting before all.

    First of all, kids are the key for better future, and we are the tool to make that key works well or just a key that open no doors, the point is yes we should teach our kids but without forcing them, instead we should follow what they like, what they want and how they want things, i am not saying so spoiled way but show you care and without pushing them.
    So far i believe that if you force a kid nor to do something more he is likely will do it when you are absent.
    to short cut the answer my view will go more for wise, calm, peaceful way and building a good structure for a kid will totaly help the present and the future of the whole society...

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