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Should we force kids to learn material they don't show interest in?

As a college graduate I was thinking about how much material I have studied in all of my educational career and then promptly forgotten after the test. Is it a waste of time to try and learn something you are not interested in? To what extent should we allow educational autonomy?

There are a lot of different ways to be intelligent. Memorization and regurgitation are just one small facet.


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  • Feb 6 2013: As Vincenzo Sergi and Angela Basile have stated, it is important to expose an individual to academics and materials, which at that time; they may have no interest in the matter, but the exposure will expand their mind with new perspectives and in the future that unwanted material may be a piece of needed information that helps resolve an issue. This exposure makes an individual open-minded to attain new information in the future.

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