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Should we force kids to learn material they don't show interest in?

As a college graduate I was thinking about how much material I have studied in all of my educational career and then promptly forgotten after the test. Is it a waste of time to try and learn something you are not interested in? To what extent should we allow educational autonomy?

There are a lot of different ways to be intelligent. Memorization and regurgitation are just one small facet.


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    Feb 4 2013: yes we should force kids to learn things that presently they show no interest in. As children their lack of interests are the reason of inexperience. No subject or experiece should be left without exploration. If left alone most children will play and play..... I would have to assume that they would become very good players but, I am glad that I was forced to learn, with time I realized how wonderful all knowledge really is. I became hooked. Till this day it hasn't hurt me.
    • Feb 6 2013: Hi Vince, I agree with you completely. As a parent, it is our duty and responsibility to encourage our children to open their minds to learn beyond what they are interested in.

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