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To take 2000 portraits of people in alll the world expressing their desire to live in peace

Hello. I'm studying agriculture, as I am an amateur photographer, I'm 18, Moroccan and I live in France ... Looking at all these pictures, stories, testimonies of people who suffer in the world, which are always terrified that can not close their eyes at night because they are afraid not to open in the morning, which only one desire, to live in PEACE. I had the idea to launch a challenge to 2000 portraits in the world of people who express their desire to live in peace. I thought to share this idea with you, asking you to help me , to make it ,for children who die every day ,for humanity. Take just a few minutes, write a note on a paper and take you pictures, holding the paper , do it for every children who lose their parents every 5 minutes in the world. Do this for all of us, for humanity.

The photos will be posted on a Facebook page for everyone involved. If you want more information or if you want to participate with a photo. Contact me on my email address: nouamane.elhanchi.photographie @

thank you

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    Feb 3 2013: Thank you . We must think to others , to people who die every minutes in the world .
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    Feb 3 2013: Wonderful idea. There are so many ways of speaking for peace; all I hope for is listening ears in places that really matter.
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    Feb 3 2013: I would love to, I live in France, it would make me happy to take you a picture. The important thing is not the quality of the photo, even with a cell phone camera or computer you can do it .
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    Feb 2 2013: Thank you. I understand the idea is to write on a paper on our desire that universal peace, and take pictures holding the paper and send me on my mail or posted on the official page for this action.