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What's a degree worth?

Education is approaching a change where it will never turn back, but what will we find around that corner?

In America, college degrees mean less and less, and it seems like what's often more important is real-world experience and a competitive portfolio/skill sets. So the question is to put yourself in the following situations to answer the following:

As an employer: Would you rather hire someone with your required skill sets/a competitive portfolio and no college degree, or someone with a degree and good grades but little experience? (everything else held equal)

As a high school graduate: Would you be willing to self-teach yourself to the point where you had marketable skills and an impressive self-made portfolio while risking not having a degree?


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    Feb 3 2013: If you are a member of the groups that created this socio/economic caste system then you are sworn to the doctrine of higher education, you must not turn your back on your predecessors, your alumni, or the system these inner societies have created, it all serves their purpose of separating the chaff from the grain. You must hire graduates with diplomas and degrees in order to keep the money on the right side of the tracks. No matter how stupid, you hire the one who paid for his education, that is how this agreement works.
    I apologize if my opinion has offended any of the educators here. Never would I say something to hurt anyone. but I will never hide the truth or my humble opinion, either.
    I am always open to discuss and defend any point I raise.
    Does anyone honestly believe the best, and most qualified is hired? Look at the revolving doors in the leadership of every major company in the united states and the leaders in government. Do you think they are all running from Wall street to Pennsylvania avenue, etc., etc. and then back and forth again because they are the brightest and most able and this is best for this country? Please someone tell me they believe that. And is it not just as peculiar that they all share alumni of about the top thirty colleges in the world. Tell me that because the families have money that means they are the smartest and most capable. Most of those families are so out of touch with reality and common sense that they do believe that!
    This past election had brains spilling off the platform didn't it? What a shame united states, what a shame! I dare any one to defend the candidates as we sat in utter disbelief and horror! The best and brightest....right!!!!!!!!
    okay, everybody, your right, I am a little upset, not so much because of the the leaders and candidates, most come from a thieving heritage to begin with, I expect anything sinister and underhanded from them. I am angry at the population for being quiet about it

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