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Is population growth economically beneficial to a country and its people?



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    Feb 2 2013: Myles,
    The growth of population all depends on the country we are talking about. In countries like India and China, a population growth is least beneficial. Population boom means more mouths to feed and the $1000 GDP of countries like India only puts a strain to the economy. Poverty will be one of the major factors to battle with. When the populace increases, every single aspect has to be considered like the medical benefits, education and other miscellaneous benefits.

    You may,ofcourse ,argue that the increased population means more people work and hence more money. But some places have reached a point of saturation beyond which ,even a slight increase may affect the overall economy.

    Case point: United States is the fastest-growing industrialized country in the world. They are also one of the worlds largest providers of food. They welcome tonnes of immigrants every day. Immigrants equal the natives in USA. It initially helped the economy. But studies show that, if the current trend continues, their economy will suffer as a result of the massive population.

    So population growth is,not really, beneficial to the country.

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