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Love, and be loved.

On a Planet Moving at 70,000 miles per hour, in a vast omniverse of hundred millions of expanding galaxies, each suspended with mathematical precision from a most mysterious “nothingness”....the chances of two humans finding each other and happiness at the same time and place is probably somewhere in the order of one trillionth of a trillion, (just a wild guess on my part:). Yet, “love was there 100,000 years before there was language” (Dennis Dutton). And the “ biggest life prize ” is finding and marrying our love (Dr. Helen Fisher).

Humanity has experienced the fastest growth and change in every aspect of science, and technology within the past two centuries, since a fascinating piece of literature (pride and prejudice) was published which dealt with marriage in the society of the landed gentry....

The world has changed, but life remains the same. Let us now sit around this proverbial ‘camp fire’, as our ancestors did millions of years ago, (even before Jane dreamt up Darcy, or Berners-Lee typed “this is for everyone” ;-), and embark upon shaping a vision of a good marriage for our new society of mobile gentry. 

What are your ideas?

WELCOME ALL - please write here before, during and after........a happy V day.


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    Feb 6 2013: Often times I find myself thrust into a random and unexplainable feeling of gratuitity and thankfulness and joy, out of the blue. It seems to occur either as I'm getting ready in the morning, which is great because it fills me with optimism and good thoughts, or when i'm just relaxing, usually listening to vinyl LPs or skateboarding outside.
    When this feeling hits me, I become overwhelmed with this feeling that everything is going to be alright; that I have reached true happiness, even if just for a moment; that I'm surrounded by friends who love me and I love back.
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      Feb 7 2013: Oh Youth........I remember feeling like this when I was younger.

      Now the feeling comes, but usually when I am around my kids.
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      Feb 7 2013: Welcome Kieran,

      I love reading your entry because it tells me that you have the essential ingredients:

      1. Capacity for the experience of "unexplainable feeling of gratitude and thankfulness and joy"
      2. even while "Overwhelmed"
      3. Awareness that you have 1 & 2
      4. Trust "that everything is going to be alright"

      My way of remembering the four ingredients, will be to make a COAT out of it (I noticed that the first letter of these words make up COAT) that way it is easier to keep it in mind with, as a tool. This coat can make us fly:).
      "I have reached true happiness, even if just for a moment"...even birds enjoy a combination of flying and resting, so it's the moments that make ALL the difference.
      Glad you joined us & appreciate every thought and suggestion that you might bring in to shaping a new idea on the topic :-)

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