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Love, and be loved.

On a Planet Moving at 70,000 miles per hour, in a vast omniverse of hundred millions of expanding galaxies, each suspended with mathematical precision from a most mysterious “nothingness”....the chances of two humans finding each other and happiness at the same time and place is probably somewhere in the order of one trillionth of a trillion, (just a wild guess on my part:). Yet, “love was there 100,000 years before there was language” (Dennis Dutton). And the “ biggest life prize ” is finding and marrying our love (Dr. Helen Fisher).

Humanity has experienced the fastest growth and change in every aspect of science, and technology within the past two centuries, since a fascinating piece of literature (pride and prejudice) was published which dealt with marriage in the society of the landed gentry....

The world has changed, but life remains the same. Let us now sit around this proverbial ‘camp fire’, as our ancestors did millions of years ago, (even before Jane dreamt up Darcy, or Berners-Lee typed “this is for everyone” ;-), and embark upon shaping a vision of a good marriage for our new society of mobile gentry. 

What are your ideas?

WELCOME ALL - please write here before, during and after........a happy V day.


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    Feb 5 2013: LOVE.

    Love is a really complecated thing, as everybody knows.

    Everyone in our universe, even the smallest babies and oldest people have felt the emotion of loving and being loved,
    but no one ever knows and will know the exact meaning of love.

    Because love doesn't need to be defined.

    It just needs to be felt.
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      Feb 5 2013: Dear Sky,

      I am so glad that you brought in LOVE, the noun. And I totally agree that love does not need to be defined : Only "felt". Actually it is not definable in our understanding. Love (the noun) is invisible, just as is Love the verb.

      As humans, we have an insatiable urge to understand everything. So for example, tree, rock, fire, fruit, animal, water, other humans, moon, mars, we go there, we take a sample, we look, we listen, we touch, we measure, we analyze, we spend hours and years thinking about it, contemplating it (at least those of us who admit that in order to understand anything we must spend time with it, and get to know it).

      We don't understand something that is and at the same time is not graspable within our senses and our intellectual calculations; since love is not visible. So that is where the "heart" comes in. But it is not the heart (as in Tina Turner's song) but it is our intuition, which is our only connection to our own essence. We know love with our being. When that happens then our mind can be "in peace" and let go with it's mad search.

      I feel that love is simple, and we complicate it:-) This is why the more we pursue the noun the farther we get; and this could be a good thing; as in enlightened or a bad thing: as in frustrated, depending on the direction.

      As far as it being an emotion, I used to think the same until very recently. Now I find that love is not an emotion. Emotions are part of our human system. LOVE the verb is a drive = a directional energy. Emotions steer us, and more often into wrong direction (shortsighted, selfish actions) or they can drive us into bliss ( farsighted all around - win win actions and results). So this is where we have the control: we are free, as individuals, to choose our intention.

      I very much appreciate your insight,viewpoint, input & hope you help shape this idea along the way with us:-):-) What are your thoughts on what / how the "felt" love can be sustained long term?

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