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Do you believe that social media has influenced the credibility of our words?

For example, someone passes away and then gets hundreds of posts on their wall saying rest in peace, saying how they wished they knew them, or how they miss them so much. Can we trust the credibility in this? Or assume people are looking to be awarded with "likes" and encouragement since it shows they are "caring"?

In my opinion, I feel like the things people write in public space (i.e. your wall) makes your words far less credible because it's not a personal message between you and someone else, it's for the whole world to see. Am I wrong to think this?


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    Feb 2 2013: I am not certain that it is the social media that causes a loss of credibility but those that abuse the tool. Stories of people who have posted lies about serious medical issues or being involved in natural disasters in order to garner sympathy and donations are detrimental to those stories that are based in fact. People get tired of being burned and become skeptical of all stories.

    We live in an age of doubt. Historical events once accepted as fact are now being questioned such as the Holocaust and man landing on the moon. There are groups that post their skepticism on current news stories such as school shootings in America.

    It is becoming more and more difficult to determine what is truth and what is fiction even in this age of information.

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