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What do employees want the most?

“In 1949 when supervisors and managers were asked about what they thought employees wanted most, they answered: wages, job security, and promotions/growth opportunities, in order of importance. When the employees were surveyed, they answered: full appreciation for work done, being involved, and sympathetic help on personal problems. Wages ranked fifth.” Kenneth Kovach

62 years later we live in the year 2011.

What now do employees want?

What would you prefer? An annual monetary payment or a frequent choice of non-monetary gifts?


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    Apr 1 2011: I think that each employee have to give the best in yourself.The people think only about salary and this think prevent to give of himslef 100% and a lot of people doesn't think how work they will make.Every country the situation is very different.I think that every one person could be think how I be came the best

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