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Who is the enemy?

I feel like as humans we tend to label a group or a person as "the enemy" and proceed to disagree with everything they say or do regardless of merit. Republicans and Democrats, atheists and believers, pro-life and pro-choice, etc. etc. I mean really, anything the NRA says is instantly ridiculed in some circles and anything President Obama does is destroying America in other circles. I've seen this in families, even.
So who is the real enemy here? Are there such things as enemies in the end? I'm not just talking politically, but in all phases of life. Is there anybody that should be labeled as an enemy?
It would also be interesting if you give examples of kinds of enemies you've seen other than those listed above.


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    Feb 2 2013: Great point you've raised here - I believe that the word enemy is a word that needs to be dismantled in any rational argument. It's a crude bass word used to discriminate against large groups of people. The truth of the matter is people-nations-corporations will always have conflicting interests that cause dispute, arguments and battles. In order to move forward as a society we must try and understand every conflict for what it is, not what it means to us on an emotional level. One of the things that dictators always do, is make enemy symbols for their community to give them control and power. It's how you distract ordinary people away from the oppression they're living under and focus their anger and frustration on someone else - Think George Orwell "Animal Farm" & "1984" - My bottom line on this is. If you think of people as enemies, you're probably not thinking for yourself. DC

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