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Can/should companies eliminate titles in the workplace? Pros and Cons?

Share your opinion as to whether or not you're for or against titles in the workplace then list the pros and/or cons especially on how they impact, if at all, the profitability of a company.

My Pro Example:
"A company can serve to benefit from eliminating titles in the workplace because it may increase employee loyalty/retention. By removing the presence of hierarchy, employees will focus less on where "they are on the ladder or totem pole" and more on the fact they are an equal and valuable contributor to the company's sustainability. Change the perception, change the attitude and you change behavior."


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    Feb 4 2013: I have seen people 'freeze' in awe about my 'title' and people 'despise' me for it immediately and this BEFORE they came to know me personally. I have seen talented people without any title and untalented people carrying one. So what are titles good for at all, but to have yet another, more official way to label people?

    Modern 'team spirit' approaches in companies usually fail badly, as the true intention for its implementation isn't meant for the benefit of the people themselves, but for the monetary benefit out of increased turn-overs. And even though often treated as such, employees aren't stupid and able to sense insincere methods and react upon it.

    The 'presence of hierarchy' is not removed by dropping 'name tags' and unapproachable superiors do not open up because their doorplates and business cards are lacking their PhD's. This is nothing but wishful thinking and 'green table meeting' results.

    The problem is rooted in 'mental states' only and invisible to the human eye. It is about the feeling of superiority about others, about the 'power of decision' about others, which opens those gaps and which no 'team spirit' training or title removal is able to bridge as long as the true intention is not honest and towards ALL people.

    For reasons which I don't quite understand, the hierarchical ladder is mainly staffed by 'technical skills' first and those people then expensively 'trained' by personal coaches and seminars to develop at least the basic interpersonal skills.

    This isn't 'just' a waste of money, but also puts the overall 'climate' of a company in jeopardy. Once the personal engagement of an employee gets destroyed, it is almost impossible to light it up again. I don't know about you, but I have seen into many dull eyes throughout my career, to many! And constantly rising workloads and profit expectations from inside and outside companies is no nurturing environment to regain any lost loyalty. It became about numbers, not people, in todays business
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      Feb 6 2013: Thanks for your thoughts. Really great stuff to ponder.

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