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Can/should companies eliminate titles in the workplace? Pros and Cons?

Share your opinion as to whether or not you're for or against titles in the workplace then list the pros and/or cons especially on how they impact, if at all, the profitability of a company.

My Pro Example:
"A company can serve to benefit from eliminating titles in the workplace because it may increase employee loyalty/retention. By removing the presence of hierarchy, employees will focus less on where "they are on the ladder or totem pole" and more on the fact they are an equal and valuable contributor to the company's sustainability. Change the perception, change the attitude and you change behavior."


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    Feb 2 2013: Probably I'm for job titles, because when I approach an agency or business to get help, I'm often glad to know the job title of the person helping me, it helps me to know their standing in the company, helps me to know how authoritative they are, how much knowledge they have, how good their answer is for my question. Sometimes I can't get help from a first-level employee, so I ask to speak to a supervisor, but that'd be hard to do without job titles.
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      Feb 6 2013: Changing the public away from the use of titles would be difficult or very, very slow. Something to consider, however, is...if you were to ask for a supervisor for whatever reason in an escalation scenario then the person to whom you have labeled a 'first level' employee could still transfer you to someone who doesn't necessarily have the title. It could be a process by which the company knows to transfer you to escalation team to respond to these types of incidents. Now, of course, this still doesn't still address the public's comfortableness knowing they're speaking to a "manager". I'm certain it would have some correlation between issue being resolved or not.
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        Feb 7 2013: Funny, in theory it shouldn't matter whether you think you're being transferred to an "escalation team" or a "supervisor." In either case you're presumably getting someone more knowledgeable.

        However, for me hearing that word supervisor is comforting, because my time is valuable and it gives me great confidence that I'm talking to someone more knowledgeable, more time at the company, etc. Also, from time to time I've asked to talk to a supervisor's supervisor, and that starts to get difficult without job titles.

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