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Create a paradigm shift by retooling our systems to refocus on the basic needs of everyone….

If our current global economic paradigm can be described as a balance between need and want, an imbalance has occurred whereby the focus of today's economic resources is severely stacked in favor of "want" over "need", then we have missed something very important and valuable. The result is extraordinary waste and the lives of millions spent in social and absolute poverty, the greatest waste of resources, as the basic "needs" of these individuals and/or whole populations are severely compromised and never met. This waste translates into hundreds of billions of dollars as the potential contributions of these people remains unrealized. How can we encourage a paradigm shift using our educational systems both in early development schooling (K-12), college level, and in corporate settings beyond schooling to subvert and swing focus away from "want" towards "need" to rebalance the systems and insure everyone's basic needs are provided before basic wants are promoted?

How can we create a paradigm shift by retooling our systems to provide the basic needs for everyone before promoting the wants of those whose basic needs have already been met and recapture the human potential currently being wasted?


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    Feb 1 2013: The fist time I had a discussion with someone who did not know the difference between "want" and "need", I was shocked. I asked for definitions of both, so that I could make sense of what I was hearing. I was given acceptable definitions. But this person was unable to apply those definitions to life.

    I have since discovered that there are MANY who do not know the difference between a "want" and a "need". So you can't have the paradigm shift until THAT is agreed on. Expect disagreement.
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      Feb 1 2013: TED Lover, thank you for participating, I understand and am not surprised. So for the sake of not being misleading and for the purposes of this conversation -

      a need is defined as - food, shelter, healthcare, communication…the four absolute necessities required by any human to be able to contribute and participate in their own care and the care of their family.

      a want is the desire for anything after those things described as needs.
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        Feb 2 2013: healthcare? I disagree. If you are 93 and you have cancer, is "healthcare" a need? Or is it a want? Freedom from pain can be a need (be it through medicine or death), but healthcare as a category? That won't be so easy to sell. People die, after all. It's not something that can be avoided. It seems to me that if it is not universal, it's not a need.
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          Feb 2 2013: So what will you do with all that money you'll save by denying healthcare to all those "impoverished" 93 year olds with cancer. And just for argument sake, the people we are discussing, those who will directly benefit from this proposal, will never make it to 93…or 63…and most of them not even 23…because the focus of this world is on the want before the need…additionally your statement infers someone aged 93 is not worth saving…which translates to healthcare being a privilege….for the young...
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        Feb 2 2013: No, my statement translates into healthcare is not a basic human need. It is a want for those who live in a culture like ours.

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