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People confuse confidence with self-confidence. Confidence could be on anything like confidence that I can walk. confidence that I can see.

Most of presentation skill training talks about body language as otherwise it would show lack of confidence. But rarely training focuses on why a person lack confidence. Because if person is having confidence, how ever his/her body language be, it would display CONFIDENCE.

My observations and this is what I cover in training:
Confidence comes from ability to do something which is expected from us. For things which are not expected from us, and even when we don't know them, we never lose confidence.

Only things which we are expected to know, but when we does not have required skill, we start losing confidence. This problem start even at time we were in school and not able to solve basic mathematical exercise. This first step of our life, psychologically made us believe that "we can not solve these problems" and hence affected our confidence.

Even in corporate:
- Sometime people does not have required skill set and they try to cover it up. But internally people know the truth and that affect our self-confidence.
- Childhood fear of standing in front of class, make us fearful to face public when we grow up.

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    Feb 3 2013: .
    I would say:

    (1) Confidence ---- I certainly can make it, relying on the key I already have.

    (2) Self-confidence ---- I most probably can make it, relying my brain to create the key to it.
    (One of our most powerful instincts)

    (For details, see the 1st article, point 15, at
  • Feb 2 2013: Hi Ted Lover,

    I agree with you. These can just help us and direct right path.
  • Feb 2 2013: Dear Fritzie,

    Thanks for your response. I am certainly not saying that this is only content of presentation skill. I am just saying that part of of the whole presentation skill training, one of the module is to focus on how to present your self and what it conveys. I am extending my thoughts on this particular part.

    For short term, we can correct body language which would convey that we are confident. But I wanted to focus on long term aspect i.e. work on confidence, an unknowing it would improve our body language.

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    Feb 2 2013: Hi, Vikas. You say that presentation skills training is mostly about body language. Is this true in India?

    When I just did an internet search of presentation skills training materials online, that is not at all what I found to be true. And it isn't true of any of the presentation skills training in which I have participated.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding you?

    I have seen the one TED talk about assuming confident-looking body language, but that is the only example I have seen of what you describe.
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    Gail .

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    Feb 1 2013: I do not think that the problem can be simplified to the point of simplistic, so that someone can answer completely using 2,000 characters or less. But I may be wrong. I'll see.