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New Age Atheism: The New Frontier of Scientific Ideology

There is criteria which one should follow in order to be a neoatheist:

*Understanding science, religion, supernatural and atheism
~Science is trying to figure out what is true through methods of logic and rationality, while religion does the same thing but through dogmas and old scriptures.
~Supernatural is the silly notion things cannot be explained by science but religion, and sometimes pseudoscience (which is fake science).
~Atheism is the lack of belief in deities
~Religions are the enemy. Buddhism gets a pass because they are hardly a religion - more of a philosophy.

*Make sure to know proper arguments to distinguish atheism from religion:
~"So by the lack of belief in God, I have a belief? So my lack of belief in Santa Claus is "Aclausian?"
~"Is being bold, a hairstyle?"
~"The television being off, a channel?"

*Check out Dawkins, Rosenberg, Dennet and Harris:
~These guys pave the way for what it is be a rational, logical and non-dogmatic person.
~They demonstrate how belief in a God is just nonsensical through science!
~They prove logic is EVERYTHING to how to think properly.

*Being militant does not mean physical actions
~Only extremist harm others for their beliefs, and since we have none there is no need for violence.
~Never allow 'faith' to be an acceptable reason for the other person to avoid an argument.
~Don't be afraid to debate, you are right! Religion is a destructive practice!
~The burden of proof is on those who claim truth!

Always keep in mind something a leader of our movement had to say, which proves powerful:

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”
-Christopher Hitchens

Let's how a strong discussion here on what it REALLY means to be the neoatheist everyone should be!

As an active blogger and forum user to discuss new age atheism, there are a couple of websites I can share. Once a week we have a podcast for lectures with live commenting! Join in the movement!



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  • Dan F 50+

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    Feb 4 2013: I consider myself an atheist by consequence. I don't get the "new age" idea as if the original definition of atheism is altering.

    I am an atheist as a consequence of being a naturalist. A naturalist sees natural history as a dynamic evolving physical process. That means if a camera was continuously filming from some bluff overlooking some land expanse over geologic time and in turn the film could somehow be rewound and sped up for review, then we would witness the origin of species before our eyes. This concept of natural history best satisfies my sense of curiosity over more artificial man made explanations involving creationism.

    Biology and related sciences provided impressive fields of interlocking evidence supporting this world view for the student of such disciplines of knowledge. Not to mention all the other logical reasoning conflicts with the elaborate artificial explanations of how things came to be via some supernatural being.

    A movement of younger rebels from religious traditions to adopt a more naturalistic approach in how they view the world is possible. The computer could enable it to happen. Youtube and other features of the computer has made this information easier to understand and more interesting than the typical authoritative classroom learning environment that empathizes the memorizing of elaborate DESCRIPTION at the expense of understanding and discussing the HOWS and WHYS that make the study of the topic a science. Until this practice changes the sciences will continue to lag in US public education because learning only accelerates with an open mind.

    Although I don't subscribe to treating atheism as a belief system in itself, much of what you advocate I concur with.
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      Feb 7 2013: Dan,

      This entire post is satire, never or will I ever believe atheism is the future of belief (but the naturalism conditional indeed is the future)... lol read what I said to others and respond further!

      I extended this conversation for another week!
      • Feb 7 2013: Yes Nicholas you got me so...


        You made me smile at myself for taking the bait.

        Perhaps you have discovered a more effective methodology for bringing more people back to spaceship earth by using wit. No one can doubt the past masterful human creative instincts to develop numerous mystical stories as to how we come to be despite how beautifully we fit into the evolution of the natural world.

        Carry on. You may be onto something and I will take a closer look.

        So you are injecting a little humor into a humorless topic, interesting.
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          Feb 7 2013: That's a very interesting interpretation, not my real intentional goal lol, I am more of an antagonist than anything.

          Like I said, as long as 'atheist' either realize their dogmas or realize their mislabeling (as they are secular humanist or religious naturalist), I see no problems with these beliefs! Only when the denial of such thoughts being 'religious' is when there is a disturbing delusion in the mix. That delusion believing we are above being religious, when in fact we tend to be naturally.

          Thanks for your response!

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