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Does war expedite global warming ?

Smoking cigarettes, idling cars and factory emmissions continue to be the leading cause depleting the ozone layer. How do missiles and bombs compare to the leading cause hurting our ozone layer.

When discussions include reasons why war is not a good idea how often does this discussion look at global warming and the big freeze ?

Should war be responsible enough to report their carbon imprint ? Why don't we ever talk about this ?



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    Feb 3 2013: G’day Isabelle

    It would have to add to the problem of course, could you imagine what a heavy tank would put out on its own!!

    I’ve read most of the replies, this is my reply to them…..We have never in human history had so little forest but we have also never before put out such pollution, with this deduction alone one would have to think that we just might have quickened up the greenhouse effect on this planet many times over, global climate change runs on a cycle obviously but we have quickened this cycle up a number of times over. If the world isn’t heating up why are the caps melting at such an alarming rate?

    The following is a small segment of what is written in the below link address. “Average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world”.


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