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Resource distribution imbalances between nations.

We know that nations have diverse resources to cater for their citizens, so what are the major causes of humanitarian imbalances in nations and communities, looking from the perspective of life quality?


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    Feb 1 2013: Robert Winner you are on track i can pull out corruption in the distribution of resources as one of the causes of humanitarian imbalances in our nations and communities.
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      Feb 2 2013: I have not read your Constitution, examined your leadership, or reviewed your contracts for mining your resources, however, I can evaluate the corruption that has occured and will continue until the resources are exhausted. If humanitarian concerns were addressed then the comnpanies wishing to do business would be required to hire local labor at all levels, provide medical services, provide formal education and job related training. There are two defined powers at work ... political and military. It would appear that both are equally corrupt. I do foresee greater pain for the citizens as I believe that there will be many coups and deadly political rivalery before any stability is obtained.

      I would warn that with the resources and lack of stability that outside forces will be working to further disrupt your country and the people will suffer yet again. It is the environment that has been created in your country that will lead to infilteration of socialist / communist domination. The playbook for this has existed for years and history has repeated itself over and over. There is a real danger in being christian in this environment. Take care my friend.

      I can say that Mugabe is viewed as a repressive authoritarian responsible for human rights abuses and severe economic decline. He has held office since Zimbabwe's internationally recognised independence in 1980. The removal of Mugabe is the first step in recovery.

      I wish you well. Bob.

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