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A method of associating with other TED site posters to allow those who find each other of interest to follow each others comments.

In many conversations I find people from all different sides of any topic that interests me who I agree with or disagree with but admire them for their thoughtful method of forming their opinions. The inverse is also true. If we could by using the friend feature have the option to see any topic or post by our friends unless we choose to stop following this conversation, this could also allow the formation of long term semi private conversations where people could collaborate on a project or refine a plan inspired elsewhere.A person could for example start one conversation per 5 TED credits per month which would reach their friends and thus limit the people opening these possibly intrusive conversations to those who have made some basic contribution and reward the more productive with more chances to be productive.


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    Jan 31 2013: You can just click on the page of posters you like and see what they have been commenting on..also the thumbnails are a heads up on current comments ..you can also select "comments by" under Search Conversations and you can always invite commenters to a conversation you feel their input would be great on

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