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Do you watch TEDxTalks that aren't posted at TED?

TED does its best to bring us the best of the best TEDxTalks,
Have you seen the list of TEDx events that people are holding all around the world?
There are so many excellent speakers, and talks, that for one reason or another will never be added to this site but do get posted on YouTube Many TEDx events are streamed on the internet live, other get taped and then uploaded to YouTube. I have watched over a dozen live TEDx events and have also watched over 100 TEDx videos.
Who else watches these? Do you have a favorite talk that you would like other to watch? Post a link here and tell us why we should watch it.

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    Feb 4 2013: is the link to the TEDx poem I wrote and preformed as a 17 year-old. One of the proudest moments of my life so far, the poem is about my frustration of how we, as humans, can't get along
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      Feb 21 2013: Hi Kieran, really wonderful performance.
      Proud moment indeed!!!

      Let's hope one day soon you will write the poem about how we humans are finally getting along.....
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    Feb 20 2013: To make real progress in improving the health of the underserved, the poor, and the homeless, our doctors must do more than diagnose and treat patients. Ali Arastu believes a physician's role is to help shape a society where illness and disease is less rampant by understanding the full needs of the communities they service. Officially he is a student at the Keck School of Medicine at USC but he also has chosen a unique way to be a student of other determinants of health, like poverty and our environment. Whether he was on a five-month journey on foot along the Pacific Crest Trail or living on Skid Row, he brought back stories that are having a profound impact on his journey through medicine and life.
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      Feb 21 2013: This was very enjoyable to watch....thank you for sharing.
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    Feb 20 2013: Deanna Choi is a violinist and an undergraduate psychology student at Queen's University. Her talk mixes live performance with a presentation on the psychological benefits of music.
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    Feb 4 2013: Here are two of my favorite TEDx talks not on TED.
    Humans Seeing Humans: How the Brain Perceives Other Minds" shows that despite the realistic human characteristics displayed in the faces of dolls, computer animations, or other inanimate objects, Dartmouth Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences Thalia Wheatley shows how her recent research proved that most details are irrelevant since there is only one feature that is a true window to a soul.
    Hannah Fry trained as a mathematician, and completed her PhD in fluid dynamics in early 2011. After a brief period working as an aerodynamicist in the motorsport industry, she came back to UCL to work on a major interdisciplinary project in complexity science. The project spans several departments, including Mathematics and the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, and focuses on understanding global social systems -- such as Trade, Migration and Security. Hannah's research interests revolve around creating new mathematical techniques to study these systems, with recent work including studies of the London Riots and Consumer Behaviour.
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    Feb 2 2013: I took a quick peek at the group of TEDx talks recently posted on theCity2.0 site. As a pressing interest of mine is improving the quality of life in cities, I am delighted at the wealth of experience thoughtful, action-oriented people are sharing there. I just need to decide on my strategy for going through those talks in a way that avoids eye strain and overload!
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    Feb 2 2013: Hi Theodore,


    TED offers a standing invitation and opportunity for each of us to participate in an open aired mass media production and exchange of views to influence one another. A nice example of democracy at work.

    Obviously there is a screening process in being part of the show. You must be civil in expressing yourself and If you can pass the review process you can walk out on stage with a world wide audience to present an idea considered by TED to be worth spreading.

    This type of enterprise will always produce critics. I'm glad to see that TED allows their voices to be heard as well.

    I do have a suggestion for TED. I would like to see them offer a one time single discounted ticket to a main featured TED production for individuals who have earned a TEDCRED score exceeding 100. It may well prove to be a net gain as an incentive for membership participation and who knows might even liven up the event!

    If it happens -- you owe me!
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    Jan 31 2013: This is the next TEDx event that will be streamed on the internet live. on Feb. 9th
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    Jan 31 2013: Do you mean another site? Or perhaps get the Ted team to give us another section on this site for links. Personally I think this is a great idea. My understanding is that not all Tedx videos make it to this main site. But I have attended the some TEDX events and i know that the events I attended have their own website and on that website they post ALL the videos. The youtube ones would also be interesting to watch.

    I imagine the coding and indexing would be some work depending on how well the posting section was indexed. Do we have just a simple section to post "hey everyone look at this great TEDx talk" OR, Do you have a section like that PLUS a searchable database and highlighted links for new talks etc.

    For the moment a simple posting section might suffice.
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      Jan 31 2013: Here is an example of one of the TEDx talks from YouTube that I was watching last night. This is the talk that inspired me to post this idea. Its by a courageous young man that gave a talk about mental illness.

      Andrew Steward -- Beating Mental Illness
      "When someone breaks their arm, we rush to sign their cast. When someone is diagnosed with mental illness, we run the other way."
      Andrew Steward is a flute performance major at the University of Denver, excelling in school and planning a graduate education. But a chapter of his life included debilitating mental illness and tormenting hallucinations. Andrew bravely pulls mental illness out from under the rug so that we can erase the stigma and focus on helping people who are ill.
      See complete bio and all TEDxDU Talks at by a courageous young man that gave a talk about mental illness.

      Thank you TEDxDU Thank You Andrew
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      Jan 31 2013: There are 24,000 TEDx Talks on YouTude
  • Jan 31 2013: i would love to attend a TEDx event. I just cant afford to go and being active in the military prevents me from traveling to see a live event. but i LOVE the videos. i'ts one of the most productive ways to kill time while surfing the net.

    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for all your hard work and passion
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      Jan 31 2013: This is the next TEDx event that will be streamed live on the internet on Feb. 9th. TEDxAustin
      • Jan 31 2013: i'll be watching.

        where can I see what topics will be discussed at this event?
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          Jan 31 2013: Check out these links on the original event link "TEDxAustin website »"

          That is also where you find the link for the live feed

          And you can write to the event coordinator.

          Nancy Giordano
          Austin, TX, United States: the link to profile and email are at the same page.