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Do you watch TEDxTalks that aren't posted at TED?

TED does its best to bring us the best of the best TEDxTalks,
Have you seen the list of TEDx events that people are holding all around the world?
There are so many excellent speakers, and talks, that for one reason or another will never be added to this site but do get posted on YouTube Many TEDx events are streamed on the internet live, other get taped and then uploaded to YouTube. I have watched over a dozen live TEDx events and have also watched over 100 TEDx videos.
Who else watches these? Do you have a favorite talk that you would like other to watch? Post a link here and tell us why we should watch it.


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  • Feb 2 2013: Hi Theodore,


    TED offers a standing invitation and opportunity for each of us to participate in an open aired mass media production and exchange of views to influence one another. A nice example of democracy at work.

    Obviously there is a screening process in being part of the show. You must be civil in expressing yourself and If you can pass the review process you can walk out on stage with a world wide audience to present an idea considered by TED to be worth spreading.

    This type of enterprise will always produce critics. I'm glad to see that TED allows their voices to be heard as well.

    I do have a suggestion for TED. I would like to see them offer a one time single discounted ticket to a main featured TED production for individuals who have earned a TEDCRED score exceeding 100. It may well prove to be a net gain as an incentive for membership participation and who knows might even liven up the event!

    If it happens -- you owe me!

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